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Provides prompt relief from Tiredness & fatigue. Stress & tension. Headache & migraine. Sleeplessness. Body ache & joint pain. Sprain & muscular pain. Toning up muscles & nerves. Premature hair fall. Dandruff & itching of the scalp.

Product Composition

Amlaki, Haritaki, Bahera, Ghritakalmi, Brahmi, Daruhanridra, Kesaraja, Neem, Nishindam Kakoli, Gatella, Gandhapatra, Nakula, Keshar,  Shailaj, Muramansi, Chadaa, Nagnoki, Ratanjot, Karpura, Peppermint Satva, Lavanga Taila, Gidhuma Taila, Gajar Taila, Surasur

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Know more about this product

Himlata Cool Oil helps your scalp keep cool.  It cools your scalp and helps you relieve tension, sleeplessness and it also refreshes you from tiredness and fatigue

Himlata Cool Oil relieves:

  1. Tension
  2. Comforts irritation
  3. Refreshes you from tiredness and fatigue
  4. Headache & Migraine
  5. Sleeplessness


Himlata Cool Oil prevents:

  1. Premature Hair fall
  2. Dandruff
  3. Itching of scalp


It also helps in toning up muscles and nerves. Good for sprain and muscular pain.

Apply locally for prompt relief.


How the in Himlata Cool Oil ingredients work on you


  1. Latakustari:
    • Calms Nerves – helps to fight depression, anxiety and nervousness.
    • Gives comfort during cramps
    • Latakasturi is rightly called as Sheet Virya herb (coolant herb)


  1. Motha:
    • Helps in washing off dandruff
    • Greatly reduce the itchiness of the scalp
    • Helps to prevent split ends and thus keeps the hair strong and healthy
    • It supplies the proper amount of nutrients to the hair and the scalp and helps in the healthy growth of hair
    • It moisturizes the scalp to the right amount and thus prevents the problems related to dry scalp
    • Helps in healing the damages caused to the hair


  1. Japa Kusum:
    • Stimulates hair growth
    • Provides deep conditioning to the hair, making them smooth and shiny


  1. Pudina ka Phool:
    • Offers natural antimicrobial and antifungal properties.
    • A great source of carotene and antioxidants that promotes hair growth and prevents hair fall.
    • Effective against dandruff


  1. Kakoli:
    • It is the best ingredient for enriching your scalp
    • It increases blood circulation which improves hair growth
    • Prevents hair fall


  1. Ghritkumari:
    • Prevents hair fall and dandruff
    • Good for itchy or dry scalp
    • Hair for growth stimulant and also acts as a thickening agent


  1. Amla:
    • Strengthen the scalp and hair.
    • Reduce premature pigment loss from hair, or greying
    • Stimulate hair growth


  1. Kapur Kachri:
    • It has antioxidant and fortifying virtues
    • It is reputed to make the hair thicker and shiny, stimulates growth while leaving a pleasant smell



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