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INDICATION : A dental & gum care lotion to prevent and treat tooth decay, Pyorrhoea, Gingivitis, Aphthous condition of mouth, toothache and bad breath (Halitosis). It acts as a haemostatic after tooth extraction and in bleeding gums.

DIRECTION FOR USE : Gargle with 10 to 15 drops in a cup of lukewarm water thrice daily or as directed by the physician.

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COMPOSITION : Each 5ml contains : Plantago major f 0.50 ml HPI, Eucalyptus globulus f 0.50 ml HPI, Mentha piperita f 0.50 ml HPI, Calendula officinalis f 0.50 ml HPI, Camphora 2X 0.50 ml HPI, Thymolum 2X 0.50 ml HPI, Iodium 2X 0.50 ml HPI, Kreosotum 3x 0.50 ml HPI, Glycerin 0.25 ml HPI, Purified water q.s. HPI, Alcohol 46.0% v/v