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Provides immediate soothing effect & sustained relief from cough, cold & chest congestion. Facilitates expectoration. Controls asthmatic cough. Checks nausea and vomiting associated with cough.

Product Composition

Each 5 ml contains : Ocimum sanctum f 0.20 ml HPI, Justicia adhatoda f 0.20 ml HPI, Mentha piperita f 0.05 ml HPI, Aralia racemosa f 0.05 ml HPI, Ipecacuanha 3x 0.05 ml HPI, Bryonia alba 3x 0.05 ml HPI, Drosera rotundifolia 2x 0.05 ml HPI, Rumex crispus 3x 0.05 ml HPI, Belladonna 3x 0.05 ml HPI, Nux vomica 3x 0.05 ml HPI, Ammonium muriaticum 1x 1.00 ml HPI, Syrup base q.s., Excipients q.s., Alcohol 11.0% v/v


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