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Improves appetite and digestion, normalizes liver and gastro-intestinal functions. Removes flatulence and constipation.

Product Composition

Each 5 ml Contains : Carica papaya HPI f 0.125 ml, Hydrastis canadensis HPI f 0.05 ml, Andrographis paniculata HPI f 0.05 ml, Nux vomica HPI 30 0.025 ml, Lycopodium clavatum HPI 30 0.025 ml, Carbo vegetabilis HPI 12x 0.125 ml, Terminalia chebula HPI f 0.125 ml, Embelia ribes HPI f 0.250 ml, Acid phosphoricum HPI 1x 0.125 ml, Alfalfa HPI f 0.250 ml, Five phos. HPI 6x 100 mg, Syrup q.s., Alcohol 10% v/v


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17 reviews for AllenZyme Digestive Tonic

  1. Neetu Kumari

    Nice product that fulfills the promise

  2. Purbasha Roy

    My irregular lifestyle has resulted in having digestive problems. Allenzyme help me get over

  3. Arpita Majumdar

    Helped me get over and improved my metabolism.

  4. Banhita Ghosh

    I believe in homeopathy. My doctor prescribed me this tonic it gives good results.

  5. Asha Lahiri

    Another great homeopathic digestive tonic

  6. Ashim Singh


  7. Mehur Agarwal

    Good medicine for constipation and indigestion

  8. Nisha K

    Highly recommend this for gastric issue

  9. Deepti Talvar

    Well, this product works wonder. The best remedy for constipation and digestion.hope it’s safe for long use.

  10. Prakash Singh

    Allen is a very old company and believe me they make products that are really good. I recommend this solution. I did not feel any side effect

  11. SR Srinivasan

    Good digestive tonic from a good company

  12. Vikram Singhania

    I had huge issues with indigestion and constipation. Much relieved after taking Allenzyme.

  13. Ashesh Sinha

    I used it but the result was very slow.

  14. Priyank Deshpande

    If you are losing appetite sitting at home take allenzyme

  15. Anupa Law

    It has helped me remove flatulance and better metabolish.

  16. Apeksha Shetty

    Very good for relief in constipation and stomach problem.

  17. Apurba Saha

    Sitting at home with a very sedentary life since march has caused gas and digestion problems. After taking this for a week now I am doing good.

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